Side by side our old church and our new one

Our Story

The Mount Union Pilgrim Holiness Church began in the summer of 1938 as the result of a tent meeting. A group of people who were converted during this meeting wanted to establish a new church. As a result, the District Superintendent of the Penn-Jersey district of the Pilgrim Holiness Church was contacted, and a new church was formed.

A congregation without a building, the fellowship met in different locations over the next several years. In 1941, the building where they were meeting was destroyed by fire. They rented a space for a few months until the Pastor and District Superintendent decided it was time to build a church. Following the fire someone donated $400 dollars for the construction of a church building. On November 11, 1941,with volunteer help and a contractor who was paid 75 cents an hour the footer was poured, and the church building was under construction. The original church building was dedicated on June 7, 1942.

The church building has undergone numerous changes since the first building was completed. The parsonage was built beside the church in 1948 and there was an extensive renovation in 1989 that added to the church and the parsonage, connecting the two.

The church became a Wesleyan church after the merger of the Pilgrim Holiness and Wesleyan Methodist denominations in 1968.

An additional piece of property at the southern end of Jefferson was donated in 1984 and is used for Kids Camp, church gatherings and community events.

Most of this story details the construction of a building and the acquisition of property. Although, these are important facts they are only a small piece of the impact Mount Union Wesleyan Church has made on this small community. The most important detail is that this church continues to be a thriving community where people are healed,friends are made, lives are changed,and disciples learn more about how to be committed followers of Jesus.