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Everyone is someplace on their spiritual journey.  Wherever you are, Mount Union Wesleyan Church is a great place to explore the next step.

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Sunday School at 9:30 AM

Church Service at 10:40 AM

Live EVERY Sunday on Facebook at 10:40 AM

609 S Jefferson Street, Mt Union, PA 17066

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Last Words Matter

Last words matter. When we know death is near we want to say the things that are important. We want our loved ones to remember the things that should be a priority in their lives. Death clears away the clutter of life and focuses our attention on the most crucial thoughts about life. Jesus was no different in this way. As he hung on the cross he summed up his mission (and ours) in seven short phrases. Join us for the Lenten season as we examine each phrase. If it was important enough for Jesus to say as he was dying, it must be really important.