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Meeting people where they are...

Everyone is someplace on their spiritual journey.  Wherever you are, Mount Union Wesleyan Church is a great place to explore the next step.

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Sunday School at 9:30 AM

Church Service at 10:40 AM

Live EVERY Sunday on Facebook at 10:40 AM

609 S Jefferson Street, Mt Union, PA 17066

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Your Kingdom Come

The world is messed up! Pandemics, forest fires, human trafficking, drugs, terrorism, people rioting, and fighting. It can seem overwhelming if we concentrate on the destruction, illness, or violence dominating the news every night. We can also think just the right person or just the right policy would solve everything. However, this is not the kingdom designed for us. Our one true King is beyond everyone and everything that distracts us from His true mission. Our new series, beginning next Sunday will focus on the kingdom Jesus prayed would come. Join us! Pray with us that His Kingdom will come…on earth as it is in heaven.