Your Kingdom Come – Every Nation

Your Kingdom Come – God’s Justice – Not Man’s

Guest Speaker – Jayme Piper

Your Kingdom Come – Every Knee Bowing

Your Kingdom Come – Righteousness Reigning

Your Kingdom Come – Intro To Series

Do Over – Giving Church A Do Over

Do Over – Extending a Do Over to the “Other”

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Do Over – Extending Do Overs 70 X 7

Do Over – Extending Yourself a Do Over

Guest Speaker: Pam T.

Guest Speaker: Sheri B.

Do Over – Do overs that are hard to embrace

Do Over – Do Overs for People Who Are Done

Do Over – Inexcusable Excuses

Do Over – The do over you didn’t think you needed

Do Over – Elijah’s Biggest Do Over

Do Over – Intro To Do Overs

Finding Peace – When Your Past Seems So Inviting

Finding Peace – When Answers Don’t Come

Finding Peace – When “Helpers” Hurt

Finding Peace – When Faith Is Tested

Survive To Thrive – Weakness To Strength

Survive To Thrive – Excluded To Included

Survive To Thrive – Far away to Near

Survive To Thrive – Hopeless To Hope-filled